Board meeting minutes May 2019

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Present: Mark Bamford, Marylou Anderson, Inge Bos, David Blair, Steve Williamson, Rob Borruso, Fiona Hamilton
Apologies Graeme Nimmo

Kilfinan Community Forest Company
Minutes of Meeting held Thursday, 23rd May, 2019

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed: IB
Seconded: SW

Matters Arising
Health & Safety
Access to play park during construction was discussed. It was agreed that signage and hazard tape to be put up until it is completed and risk assessment finalised.
ME/RB to deal with signage.

Declarations of Interest
MB – Branching Out/Twigging Out

Kyles of Bute Angling Club
The angling club have asked for fees to be waived again for another year. The board agreed in return for the club to carry out the annual visual inspection of the dams.
ME to liaise with Angling Club

Business proposal
The board has agreed in principle to the request for a small unit to run a bakery from. Hot Polytunnel and Forest Centre build take priority.

Operation Manager’s Report
Hydro is not producing anything due to the dry weather. The repair has been carried out.
Composting – Ed has damaged his wrist and the chipper has broken down. Spares are being sourced.
Forest Centre – work will happen inside next week. This is to be priority to complete. Sewerage plant needs to be installed.
One day’s work left on hot polytunnel. Lease needs to be drawn up. RB will operate the boiler for the first year and create operating instructions.
Sawmill yard is making money and yard being cleaned up. Telehandler has been serviced.
Next phase of felling has begun. A review meeting with Tilhill will be arranged to discuss roads and harvesting.
DB will discuss terms with potential lease.
SW and RB to meet with Tilhill.

Financial Report
Payment has been received from Paths for All. Money is now available for materials to complete Forest Centre.

KAG lease. The wording was clarified.
Replanting. MA will send a report to the board from recent training events. ME to issue lease for signing.
Deer Management. KCFC will support a Cowal-wide management plan. RB to pass on to relevant parties.
Website. Ed will go ahead and update. Website and FB page to link.
Insurance. Agreement to continue with NFU for five years with discount. Telehandler needs to be inspected every year by qualified engineer. This will cost £150 + vat. Hydro insurance for business interruption would cost £1k pa. This was considered too expensive. Engineering breakdown insurance will be continued.

DONM Thursday, 13th June. 5 pm.