Board meeting minutes June 2019

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Present: Mark Bamford, Inge Bos, David Blair, Steve Williamson, Rob Borruso, Fiona Hamilton
Apologies Graeme Nimmo, Mick Eyre, Marylou Anderson

Kilfinan Community Forest Company
Minutes of Meeting held
Thursday, 20th June, 2019

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed: MB
Seconded: SW

Matters Arising

DB to discuss terms with potential hot polytunnel leasee. SW and RB to meet with Tilhill. ME to issue lease to KAG for signing.

DB to draw lease.

Health & Safety
No issues

Declarations of Interest

Operation Manager’s Report

  • Hydro has not been doing well due to lack of rain.  Keep eye on prices to move to price fix contract. 
  • Machinery is all operational.
  • Sawmill operator fully trained on planer.
  • Sewerage system is still to be installed for forest centre.  Board needs to start marketing plan.  RB will take photos of any building work that may be covered up. 

DB will contact F&S re hydro
RB to ask Smartest to ask how much electricity we’ve delivered and how much we’ve been paid.
RB contact Gareth Garrett to find out who will sign off the building.
SW send round document produced by N Brown about uses for multi-purpose forest centre.

Financial Report
Income and expenditure report presented with projections to March 2020.  More income/less expense is required. 
Figures requested for cost of hydro loan against income since beginning.
Priority will be given to looking at income options at next board meeting.

SW investigate refinancing the SIS loan.
SW/RB recirculate visioning document etc. to board MB will investigate dropbox

Croft access

Access issue/housing.  In-by land maybe solution for housing.  Discussion will be had with the crofters

IB & DB will arrange meeting with crofters.

Glengarry Community Woodland intend to visit KCFC.

DONM Wednesday 10th July 6 pm