Board meeting minutes July 2019

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Present: Marylou Anderson, Inge Bos, David Blair, Steve Williamson, Rob Borruso, Fiona Hamilton
Apologies Graeme Nimmo, Mark Bamford, Mick Eyre,

Kilfinan Community Forest Company
Minutes of Meeting held
Wednesday 11th July, 2019

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed: DB
Seconded: SW

Matters Arising

SW has drafted lease for hot poly-tunnel.  DB has agreed terms with lease.  Rent waived until September.  SW or ME to present lease to KAG for signing.  Spraying the 20 ha replanted for pine weevil.  All were unhappy at use of poisonous chemicals. it was agreed to go ahead spraying a small area as a control measure and using close monitoring for the rest.    Other options will be considered for future re-plantings.

RB will discuss respraying with Fraser.

Health & Safety
RB suggested some money is put aside for path maintenance

Declarations of Interest
Croft Access – ML and IB

Operation Manager’s Report
Forest Centre – RB will be able to work on FC more or less full time.  Will monitor progress against cost next meeting and decide whether to spend more money.

Financial Report

Financial prediction shows the need for better cashflow with more income streams. 
SW will look at the hydro financing. RB was looking into price fixing. Board agreed that DB will talk to F&S and fix price before next meeting.

SW hydro financing

Croft access

Access issue/housing.  In-by land maybe solution for housing.  Discussion will be had with the crofters

IB & DB will arrange meeting with crofters. Options for access and housing for crofts were outlined to be discussed at future meeting.  Much depends on how Tilhill get on with negotiations with A&B.  RB will negotiate for decision with time limit of September 21st


New crofting interests need to be asked to complete Notes of Interest form and then submit business plan to ME.

Replanting – need a monthly meeting to plan.  Forestry group committed to meet.  It was suggested to look for input of an intern to help with sustainable and diverse planting plan. Thanks to MA for all her efforts filling in hot polytunnel beds and for sending round replanting report.

IB ask ME to send email to all interested with Note of Interest MA contact Schools of Forestry in Aberdeen and Edinburgh

DONM Wed 14th August.  6 pm.