Board meeting minutes August 2019

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Present: Mark Bamford, Marylou Anderson, Steve Williamson, Graeme Nimmo, David Blair, Inge Boss, Rob Borruso
Apologies Mick Eyre, Fiona Hamilton

Kilfinan Community Forest Company
Minutes of Meeting held
August 14th 2019

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed: SW
Seconded: MA

Matters Arising

Hot Polytunnel, lease has been drawn up, Not signed yet.
KAG lease will be signed after they have had their AGM
ML update on Weevil patrol, no damage noticeable.
Hydro, price fixed contract at 7 pence winter. 6.2 summer, this will give us a 10% increase.
Access road, Tilhill has made a final offer to the council, 3 weeks from now there will be a decision.
Crofters will meet before that to talk about alternatives that are in place. The need for a right of servitude for the crofts was agreed
Replanting Report, MA updated on her research and after the holidays there will be more feedback.

SW to look into this.

Health & Safety
Playpark H &  S document is finished

Declarations of Interest
Croft Access – ML and IB

Operation Manager’s Report

Hydro – since the water flow has improved, the system has been troubled with a ‘known fault’.  The service engineer has advised a solution so it should soon be operating at full power again.
Compost - Is getting a little out of hand with some commercial gardeners bring 10 loads of the mixed waste up a day. In discussion with a few about charging, they see no problem as they'll just pass the cost on.
Forest centre - making progress and better use of staff skills. We now have a warmcel machine.
Hot Tunnel - working nicely largely as predicted though it is going to need a second fan. Leasee is generally pleased. Saw mill Yard – operator is now back at work. For bigger logs / orders we've been through the options to prevent back problems and easiest solution is a second person.  To get best value when not handling logs etc., focus can be on  re-sharpening blades. Space has been created in the sawmill shed to make higher value products.

Forest Access Coordinators Report
Twigging Out – there are two funding applications awaiting decision, probably November at earliest. The group met a couple of times during the summer but now suspended until external funding can be found. 
Women’s Woodworking group on recess after finishing workbench.  Walking Group will resume next month.  Volunteer group will focus on rhodie clearing in lower forest and transplanting regeneration to spaces for best growth.
Playpark almost complete.  Sawmill will provide large piece of timber to complete the fence.  Documentation all completed.
Youth Skills Development Programme had no interested this summer so will be replaced with a week-long residential in October, recruiting from Dunoon, Tarbert and Campbeltown, working in partnership with Aisla Clark from InspirAlba.
Robertson Trust deadline is mid September.  ME has been working on the application for some time and is confident of result.
Just Enterprise Business Support have accepted us for free business review with emphasis on building revenue streams.  Fact finding visit at end of August – date to be confirmed.
Three outline plans and three expressions of interest have so far been received for Crofts.
The board requested electronic copies of the croft plans.
KAG lease will be presented to members at their AGM (21st September)  for approval before it can be signed. Community Land Week Event is on Friday evening from 5.30 – 8.30 pm.  Music, BBQ and children’s activities.

Financial Report

There appeared to be some errors on the figures for Hydro income
  SW approaching SIS to try and get a reduction in the interest rate on the Hydro loan.  Accounts highlight the need for income generation streams NB to be invited to next meeting.

SW hydro financing

DONM Thursday 5th September.  5.30 pm