Board meeting minutes October 2019

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Mark Bamford, Fiona Hamilton,David Blair, Inge Bos, Marylou Anderson 


Steve Williamson


Minute of Previous

Proposed: MA

Seconded: DB   


Matters Arising:

Business support from Jo Slater from Inpiralba. Board discussed what kind of support would be appropriate at this stage.

MA to speak with Jo and ask for support in setting up a Social Enterprise


Crofting phase 2

MA  and MB met with potential crofters and discussed next steps. All enthusiastic. Some concerns raised over timeframe of the process.

Interest emailed from another local family.

Two potential crofter families visiting in October.

MA and MB to look at land and assess number of crofts suitable in that area. Map the boundaries. MA and MB to recce land at the back entrance and see where a further phase of crofts would be viable. MA and MB to look into standardising process.

MA and MB to meet with applicant family next week.



Auchenlochen timber road progressing.


Access at entrance to forest.:

MB discussed new legislation on Assess transfer for community groups.               Awaiting information from Tilhill.

MB to look into original agreement.


Camping huts:

DB liaised with Steven Gove. Planning already within current arrangements. Steve, Ji and Craig will work together on this project and present a prototype design for huts.
DB liaise with hut group. RB and DB to liaise with planning.



Playpark  - needing inspected and certified. All Risk/benefit paperwork finished.

Feedback from IB via nursery on Playpark.
Check timeframe with FAC. Put FO tape around park until completed.




Replanting group and RB met with Chris Marsh from CWA with a view to support KCFC with updating Land Management Plan.

South West Mull community forest are going through this process successfully. Chat with Phil from SWM at AWOO meeting and get advice.

Future Scotland grant deadline approaching. It was decided to apply for grant in Feb.

Weevil research ongoing. Andrew Tomlinson from Tilhill offered to check site and give info on critical levels.

MA to circulate minutes of meeting to board.

Replanting group to liase with RB to look at current budgets.

MA and MB to work on this and present to board in Jan.

MA and MB to liase with Phil from SWM.

MA to liase with AT


Future structure:

Ongoing discussion around future staffing and roles at KCFC.

MB to liase with FAC

IB and MB to liase with OP M

Board to meet on 24th October to discuss in more detail.


Operations Manager Report


All serviced 


E & ML waiting for AJC to shift a load of compost up to their croft then we'll do a clear out.

Dumper still needing serviced.

E and AJC to move on Friday

IB to liase with RB and give go ahead for dumper to be serviced.

Forest centre:

Plastering going well. SW has made a fantastic kitchen that will be going in next week. Had visit from Billy's replacement at Building control. Not putting in sprinklers because there will be a hydrant on the FH site was not a problem amongst other common sense concessions. She will not require another visit until completion.

Hot tunnel:

BB now full conversant with the starting procedure and feeding and the boiler seems to be happy burning all manner of saw mill waste wet dry big small.

Rob to liase with BB on key tasks to finish the tunnel.

Saw mill:

JC remains busy. In negotiations with Scottish woodlands. Also some European Larch. Waiting on a price and dependant on that we'll apply for a handling/processing licence. 

RB to liase with board on hardwood purchase


DONB    6th November @ 5pm