Board meeting minutes November 2019

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Present: Fiona Hamilton, David Blair, Mark Bamford, Inge Bos, Marylou Anderson               Apologies: Steve Williamson             Minute of Previous Proposed: MA Seconded: DB     Matters Arising                 Crofting phase 2: MA gave croft land update.  There are eight families interested in taking on a croft. Five local families have been offered a croft in the first instance. KCFC to continue to liase with the other families on their needs and timeframes.  Project ready to be moved onto next stage - mapping the land and creating MyForest account for KCFC and,  paperwork to Crofting Commission and Registers of Scotland. KCFC to offer mapping and paperwork to Craig Ward. MA to liaise with Craig on details. Map of next croft phase to be presented to board before next meeting for consideration. MA to continue to liaise with all families involved.   Access: Auchenlochen timber road progressing.  Rob Burruso informed board of next steps. Access at entrance to forest: MB set up working group to take this forward. RB to get in touch with KCFC lawyer to progress. MB to meet with working group Camping huts: Hutting group have drawn up design and model for huts, are mapping position for three huts within the forest. There are plans for one hut to be fully accessible.  Hutting plan to be submitted with Unit/Shed proposals. DB to liaise with group and gather design and maps before submitting to planning. DB and RB to liaise with planning.   H&S Playpark: a few small details needing tweaked before it’s ready to be inspected. SW to work on playpark   FAC FAC attended hand over meeting with RI. RI to liase with board   Replanting Replanting group update:- MA and MB met with Phil (forester) from South West Mull community forest.  He advised on process of renewing Long term management plan with community forest managing replanting aspects.  Budget research going well. Next steps:  group to finish report and circulate so board can discuss and make a pathway forward. MA to circulate replanting group report before board meeting in Jan 2020.   Future Structure: Board to update staff appraisal process with more formal once a month meetings. Board updating project management processes; governance and staff. Update filing system. Updating development plan to include priorities and way forward for KCFC in short, medium and long term. IB and MB gave update around staff changes. Operations Manager position to become part time from Jan 2020. MB to continue with funding bid to access support. IB and MB to continue to liaise with Operations Manager.   Funding:                Successful application to Forestry commission for funding to put on events over the winter at the forest. Successful funding bid to Robertson’s Trust to cover half role of FAC. MB liasing with FC on details. MB to circulate to board. Discuss details and actions at next board meeting.   Branching Out: Branching out group started for 10 weeks. The group would like to take on the midwinter celebration at the forest by organising boat burning event for community.  Proposed date Jan 5th 2020. Board are happy and fully supportive.           MB to liaise with Branching Out group and keep board updated.    Website/social media: Website update finished. Photos for gallery and blog ongoing.  Board would like supply list put up under employement/skills section. Ok to go live! Facebook site needs updating and new management: IB happy to take this on. MA to liaise with Ed Pybus.   Board members               Had interest about becoming board members.  Board agree that this is a priority. IB to liaise   Volunteers: There are a number of community forests in the area. Talk at AWOO meeting of more sharing of resources, potential to have a collective volunteer bank. Board to research and discuss at next board meeting.   DONB    18th December@ 5pm