Replanting at Kilfinan Community Forest

Pine weevil

Have you ever seen a pine weevil? These gorgeous little creatures love a clear fell site, laying their eggs in the bark and munching their way through regenerating trees – both conifer and broadleaf!

This March Kilfinan Community Forest is hosting an information and consultation event on Replanting at the Forest. This year we are looking forward to designing three key sites in our lower forest. The broad remit here is to transform an ex Sitka plantation landscape into a thriving native woodland. In Argyll this is no mean feat considering the heavy impact of deer browsing and the toxic nature of the beautiful and yet invasive Rhododendron ponticum on soil health and natural woodland succession. Oh and there’s always the weevil to take into consideration!

Kilfinan community Forest, situated on the edge of Tighnabruaich, is a pioneering community owned project with rural regeneration at its heart.  Implementing sustainable practices is a key factor in our land management vision. Over the past ten years land that’s been felled has been made accessible to the community in the form of forest school sites, community woodwork space, walking and biking path networks and the reinstating of the Kilfinan way network, wild camping site, allotments and woodland crofts.  There is also a sawmill operation that makes use of felled timber for local consumption in the form of wood fuel and various sawn timber products. Onsite operation are powered by a small hydro system. The school and nursery children are regular visitors to the big pond and play areas.

We would love to invite members of the community and beyond to the replanting event at the forest on Saturday March 7th, 12.30pm till 3.30pm.  Land regeneration is a huge priority at the community forest in the coming years and we look forward to gaining input from folks on what species of tree and plant guilds you’d like to see growing here.

The event will kick off at 12.30am with a drop-in lunch for those who are taking part in the afternoon’s event and other folks locally who would like to come and find out what’s happening.

We’ll then have a walk around the lower forest to survey existing plant guilds and map what tree and plant species are growing where and why. We will then head back to the big shed for refreshments. This will be followed by a short mapping exercise. We look forward to sharing maps on three specific areas, to share information on replanting priorities and to strike up the conversation on what a healthy woodland would look and feel like

Come along at any time and join in, you may even be lucky enough to catch a weevil in action!

To take part in our replanting survey please see the link below. Thank you.

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  1. Nicola Greenall

    wonderful write up. Thank you for organising this event for all our benefit. I am looking forward to the day. Please let me know how I can help.

  2. Jasmin

    Hi all, this is so needed. I have been hoping to get something similar down here ( south east coast) but with the South Downs.

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