Replanting at Kilfinan Community Forest

When KCFC purchased Acharossan forest it was a mature plantation ready to be felled. Over the last ten years a significant part of the timber has been harvested. We will be replanting the land over the coming years and are currently designing a forestry plan in conjunction with Forestry Scotland. These plans will take into account the results of the community consultation undertaken this year and will balance replanting a commercial crop with strategies to increase biodiversity across the site, planting for climate change and increasing community access.

Following the successful consultation in March to look at what a healthy community forest looks like, we have had site visits from foresters at Community Woodlands Association, The Woodland Trust and Forestry Scotland to discuss plans and strategies for rhododendron management, managing volunteer Sitka regrowth and how to manage natural regeneration for a stronger and more diverse future forest. Many thanks to members of the community for your participation in helping to shape these plans.

Within the lower forest there are three areas that will be managed as native woodland. Further mapping and surveying is happening on site right now getting into the details of how to augment natural regeneration with the aid of temporary deer fencing and the planting of specific species to encourage growth in all layers of the woodland. This ethos of addressing biodiversity, planting for climate change and community access is also being adopted in the management plans through-out the rest of the forest. We look forward to sharing these plans when they are completed.

Regenerating commercial plantation takes time, expertise and commitment. If you have energy to be involved in the ongoing work and planning at the forest then please do be in touch, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities on offer.

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