Board meeting minutes January 2021

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Marylou Anderson, Mark Bamford, David Blair, Hannah Buss, Fiona Hamilton.
Meeting Inquorate

Apologies: N/A

Minute of Previous

Proposed: MB

Seconded: DB

Matters Arising

MB still liaising with Sara McLean re volunteer funding.

Declarations of Interest

Branching Out, Volunteer Cowal South West - MB, MA


Demolition of static caravan caused some concern for Operations Manager. Board assured he would always be backed  up if acting in support of H&S legislation. The Board is keen to see H&S regulations applied rigorously on the site.


A proforma for new arrangements with John Short for deer management was distributed by DB. Information is to be distributed to community asking for expressions of interest on accessing venison and training in butchery. The Board was in favour of accepting the proposal as a pilot project.

DB communicate with JS

Road planning & future felling

Ongoing need for timber for mill and future felling options have been looked at by forestry sub-group.
Board decided to continue with planning permission for new forestry track. Track will provide access for future harvests, deer management, future woodland crofts and community walking/biking activities. The aim is to look at smaller and more sustainable future harvests that cover roading costs and provide the mill with Timber. Pro-forma to be created once research completed.

MB to discuss with Andrew Thomlinson from Tilhill

Reports from Operations Manager, Sawmill Operator, Volunteer Coordinator and Housing Update.

The Board appreciated receiving the reports in advance.
Operations Manager. FH has a router as requested by R Borruso. Clarification asked for about disabled access requirements. Restrictions on working time to be discussed and possibility of furlough. Labour hours and material costs have been provided on spreadsheet for completing Forest Centre. This will now inform a proforma for timescales completion. Review required for Covid-19 working practices.
Volunteer report. A very impressive report of activities.
Storage solution discussed - to be continued at next meeting.
Housing plot costs. The pricing of plots was discussed. More information to be asked for.
Sawmill. Sales going well. Concerns are about supply of good quality spruce and larch for mill.

MB will ask SW to discuss furlough options
MA to request more information via proforma
MB review Covid-19 working practices with RB

Forest Manager’s Job Description

IB and MB met with RB to discuss. Feedback still to come from RB.

Financial report

Accounts haven’t yet been returned from accountants.

Book Keeper vacancy

Advert discussed by email will be put in newsletter and printed out for local noticeboards. Closing date: 12th Feb. Interviews the following week.


Potential plan to be discussed for crofts plots to be extended to meet existing road. For future discussion after further information from Tilhill.