Board meeting minutes February 2021

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Marylou Anderson, Mark Bamford, David Blair, Hannah Buss, Fiona Hamilton. Meeting Inquorate

Apologies: N/A

Minute of Previous

Proposed: MB

Seconded: DB

Matters Arising

MA to review covid-19 RA with RB.

Declarations of Interest

Branching Out, Volunteer Cowal South West - MB, MA
Croft access - MA


Board welcomed the proactive leaflet produced by staff to inform the public about safety in the forest.

Board members

The Board officially accepts Inge Bos’s resignation from the board and thanks her for all her hard work and dedication during her time with KCFC.

Bookkeeper vacancy

Two applications have been received. Interviews via Zoom to be set up for Tuesday 23rd. RI to be asked to be on the panel.

MB will organise panel.

Access to Crofts

Letter received from Croft 1 suggesting various options for providing road access. It was agreed a solution needs to be found. To be prioritised at next meeting after plans shared and discussed by email.

MA to circulate maps.


Sheds: RB has spoken to S Gove at planning and advised to put in prior notification for sheds. Planning for budgeting is required.
Housing: Plot prices were agreed with the information provided on proforma.
Huts: S Wallis has provided costs and work will be carried out when time allows. Discussions to begin with planning.
Forest Road Planning: Andrew Tomlinson has been asked to move on with the suggestions for the forest road.
Log purchase & timber pricing: added to JC’s job description.

HB to follow up with RB
RB to discuss planning with S Gove.
MB to ask for estimate of how many hours will be charged to KCFC
JC to investigate where oversized logs have gone from top of forest.

Access agreement request to ABC

E Pybus has submitted a proposal for approaching council for access rights. The Board agreed with sending the letter drafted and thanked Ed for the work he has put in to the matter.

EP to send letter after proof-reading.

HR volunteer

MB met with K Brenneke who has offered some time.
MB has asked her to check over governance documents.

VCSW report

RI is willing to carry on supporting VCSW. Funding has been found for two new editions of newsletter. Funding for outside handwashing station also received. Funding is being sought for storage and charging required for electric bikes.

MA will prepare contribution for next newsletter.

Electricity for Housing

Community Energy Scotland/Local Energy Scotland to be approached for advice on how best to supply housing from hydro.
RB to be asked to follow up switching to alternative renewable energy suppliers.
RB has been asked to submit proforma about electricity supply for housing.

email for board
The Board is looking into establishing one central email address for people to contact the board.

MA has been asking Scottish Forestry for a follow-up meeting to formalise LTFP amendments. MA has been liaising with Jamie McIntyre about the crofting application for rural payments. MA will reply to Mary Paton at rural payments for answer her questions.

MA circulate proposed answers to questions prior to submitting to M Paton.