What we do


We have responsibility for managing over 1300 acres of land in a sustainable way. This includes the felling of mature timber, replanting is a sustainable way and managing land above the current tree line. We are currently developing a long term sustainable vision for the forest and the land

Crofts and Housing

The best way to maintain a ‘living forest’ is to have people living in the forest.  Our vision for the forest has always included providing accommodation on the site - this is a tangible community benefit and a practical way to manage the land. The first stage of our Master plan was approved by Argyll and Bute council in 2015 and includes 5 houses and 3 crofts.


A forest is an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, and helps to build self-esteem and confidence - making it an ideal place for education. We work closely with the local primary school, run a summer club, put on a variety of training courses and host other educational events.

Employment and Social Enterprises

We currently employ four members of staff and a number of seasonal workers. We are building up a database of locally available skills and knowledge that may be able to work on site and support future projects.  If you would like more information then get in touch.

We provide affordable workshop space for a local business and plan to provide further opportunities for local businesses.  If you have a business idea, or would like to lease land from us, then please get in touch.

Community Composting

There is a community composting facility on site, funded by Argyle and Bute council. The facilities are open 24 hours, but there are not always staff on site. If you require assistance, or need to bring a large amount of garden waste, please get in touch with us first.

Kyles Allotment Group

We set up a community allotment and polytunnel on the site to provide space for people to grow their own food. KAG is now an independent organisation, with its own board and members, that rents the land for KCFC.

Get Involved

We are always looking for new ideas for how the forest can be used by the members of the community. If you have ideas then please get in touch.