Sustainable living in a woodland setting can be affordable and accessible to all. To have a living forest you need to have people living in the forest.

Sustainable living in a woodland setting can be affordable and accessible to all. To have a living forest you need to have people living in the forest.

Our vision for the forest has always included providing accommodation on the site - this is a tangible community benefit and a practical way to manage the land. The first stage of our Master plan was approved by Argyll and Bute council in 2015 and includes 5 houses and 3 crofts.

Our aspiration is that housing can be affordable, practical and inspiring. In order to fulfil these aspirations we are making the housing plots available below the current market rate, and have developed a design that, by utilising the timber produced from our own saw mill, is affordable and easy to build.
We are pleased to announce we have released two serviced plots with planning permission, for a sale price of £30k each to self-builders who can demonstrate the relevant skills to build their own home. Using timber from the forest will keep materials costs down while supporting the local economy through the utilisation of natural resources and local skills. These initial sales will give KCFC capital to invest in future projects and activities, with the potential to build additional affordable homes.

Steve Williamson, KCFC’s Board member, says: “This project is the first of its kind in community woodland development, and represents everything KCFC stands for in terms of supporting our local economy through utilising the natural resources available. Local people will be able to access much needed affordable housing in an area where there is a real shortage, and, as a social enterprise, fulfil our ambition of creating a living and working community forest, where low value raw materials can be turned into high quality timber homes. The houses will be located within their own section of the forest, above the attractive community allotments whilst offering stunning views across the Kyles of Bute. This is a unique opportunity for people to live within a vibrant community forest environment, with all sorts of activities going on around them, whilst still retaining a sense of privacy. We urge people to come and visit the forest to see for themselves what’s on offer here.”

Interested parties are firstly asked to read the detailed masterplan and arrange an appointment with KCFC to discuss the opportunity. The next step will be to complete an application form, which will be assessed by an independent judging panel and reviewed against the following criteria: local connection, housing need, commitment to community involvement, and, for self-builders, relevant construction skills. The housing scheme will be kept ‘affordable’ in perpetuity, through KCFC acting as a Rural Housing Body with first refusal to buy back homes, should the owners want to sell

Applicants are asked to contact the office to arrange an appointment or with any further questions: / 01700 811159.